Once upon a time I was the consummate career girl. My career was my life.   I achieved some level of success having worked in management consulting and multi national technology companies both here and overseas at the Senior Manager and Director level.

But in 2006 things changed. Looking back, I was on the verge of career burn out and with the death of my father and a redundancy, I found myself seriously looking at where I was heading in life.

Having worked in Talent Acquisition, Organizational Development and the Resource Management space over the previous 15 years I had always been “the” go to person for advice on getting careers back on track. It was all so different when I was faced with having to take action on my own advice.

I moved to Canberra and decided to explore this foreign concept called “work life balance”. As fate would have it, I met my husband and promptly popped out two kids.

Back in the working world I discovered the “joy” of not only being a working mother but also someone in the midst of a career transition.

And I found I wasn’t alone. Every conversation I had seemed to circle in on keeping all the juggling balls of life in the air.

Hence, Career ‘A Go-Go was born.

The purpose of the blog is to connect with readers who are looking for support to build thriving careers in an uncertain job market.

Each day I offer bight-sized pieces of advice on matters that will help get you, the reader, back on track. The blog covers topics such as how to build your networks, improve your social media profile, jazz up your resume, get you interview ready, stay office savvy or balance your work-life commitments.

The key message: taking a positive step every day will get you back in business. You can survive and thrive in a job market that may throw anything at you and a life that certainly will.